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Hello and welcome to the official website of Painter Pros, Boulder CO. Those living in one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the United States have been counting on us for over 20 years to provide outstanding professional painting services. We believe that we offer a wide array of services that can’t be matched by any competitors in the area. Our reputation and reviews from previous clients in many ways speak for themselves.

painter boulder co

Perhaps the biggest testament to what we bring to the table is that we still work directly with customers we first after opening up in the area. They continue to turn to ask for any project, and our customer solutions allow them to feel like they are getting something unique specifically for them. We continue to bring that small business feel to every customer, allowing us to develop lasting friendships with

Our team believes in working efficiently, but also taking that extra bit of time to get things right. A rushed painting project is likely going to need more touch-ups later on, and we want to provide something for our customers that will last a long time.

What should customers expect from us at Painter Pros? Our knowledge about different types of paint, various projects, and even understanding the unique weather in Boulder all makes us perfect for any upgrades to the property. Almost all of our services fall into a few broad categories that help people get started.

Take the time to read through each of our broad categories, but also contact us for a free consultation and estimate. We are happy to help those considering a new painting project and wanting to spend their money wisely. Our goal is to make people feel comfortable that they are making a decision that they will appreciate for years to come. Rushing a paint job and not thinking colors through is one of the main issues people face when they hire for another project shortly after.

Exterior Painting

A beautifully painted home is going to stand out in the crowd like nothing else. People passing by the house every day will definitely notice a paint job that is professionally done with all the right finishing touches. We believe we offer the best value in the Boulder, CO area, offering something for any need.

painting exterior

Our most common request is simply giving a property a complete makeover on the exterior. Whether it be a home, office, small business, or anything else, we can handle any project, regardless of size. We know the right paints and the right application process to handle the uniqueness of the Boulder, CO area. What we use can hold up in the hot summers, and also during very snowy winters.

Some customers come to us and do not fully know exactly what they want. This is where our expertise separates us from our competitors. We can give quality recommendations based on the type of look a person wants. We also can help out with highlighting any specific parts of a property. Maybe there is landscaping that needs highlighted, or a particular part of the building that is truly unique. With some finishing touches to a paint job, attention goes in that direction instead of the more common areas.

No two exterior painting jobs are alike, and treating one as such is an insult to the client. Anyone who has a question about a unique type of project involving exterior painting should always set up a consultation to run through the specifics. Chances are, we have seen something somewhat similar in the past, so we can help out when the time comes.

Interior painting

Any piece of property does not seem complete until interior painting happens. Each room inside is slightly different, so painting is a bit of a complicated process for individuals to take on themselves. We at Painter Pros have the experience to not only make each room unique, but also bring together entire areas so that there is a flow between them all.

painting interior

With any interior we work with, we often take on full projects. At the same time, we offer our services for individual rooms as well. In homes, some people will request having their living room, dining room, kitchen, or bedroom painted. If the rest of the house does not need any paint, we can accommodate for the smaller task. There is no reason a person should spend more money on something if they only need a certain area painted.

We genuinely believe that interior painting sets the tone for everything. Even if the goal is to ultimately put wall art, shelves, or other decoration up on the wall, that painted base will always make a difference. Most people prefer to go with neutral colors when painting walls, especially in common areas. We do encourage taking a few more risks in more secluded room offices, bedrooms, and more. Since people are not always in these areas, it doesn’t need to be as neutral. Children, in particular, like using bolder colors for their bedrooms from time to time.

Remember, quality interior paint can last for a long time when applied correctly by professional painters. Those who are not rough on their walls can get over a decade out of brand new paint once applied.

House painter

We proudly wear the label of being one of the best house painter options in the Boulder, CO area. To be truly great, it takes a lot of versatility as painters. We can handle the exterior and interior, plus any other sections that may pop up.

Those who hire us as a house painter usually want us to do a complete project. This is for people who want to truly make a home there own, instead of sticking with the old look. Doing everything at once certainly has its financial benefits, but these projects do take longer. We also can customize everything, depending on how much or how little painting needs to be done.

man painting house

One of the biggest keys to being dependable house painters is having paint options for different surfaces, as well as different locations. For example, paint used on the exterior of a home isn’t the same as the paint used inside. Even inside, the paint changes, as areas such as the bathroom need different paint than in the living room. We know what holds up the longest, extending the life of our work, so a person spends less money.

We understand that at times, it can be overwhelming making a ton of decisions on paint for a home. We try to make things a bit easier for the consumer by having an in-depth discussion in the beginning. Topics include color schemes, expectations, and more so that an accurate plan can be put together. This not only allows us to get amazing results, but it keeps us on track so we can be a bit more efficient in the end. Customers can also follow along with the progress and see it come together.

Bathroom painter

Most painters agree that painting the bathroom is one of the most challenging rooms in any building. It might not seem incredibly difficult at first, but there’s a reason why many hire professionals instead of trying to take on the project without help. All of our bathroom painter experts know what it takes to not only complete the job, but nail all the specific details. A bathroom not done right will be very noticeable, and the paint will likely not last very long at all.

Due to bathrooms being so small, any imperfection is reasonably noticeable. That is why it is crucial to take the time to get all the details done right. A lot of that goes into preparation beforehand, which includes moving around certain pieces in the bathroom for better painting angles. Painting behind areas blocked by the toilet, cabinets, sinks, and more takes added patience, but makes a project feel so much more complete.

paint colors

Another important factor when painting a bathroom is using the right type of paint. Bathrooms go through severe temperature changes throughout the day, and it can do some damage to paint if it is not made for those types of conditions.

The same colors are used for most bathrooms, opting for lights, clean choices for the most part. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but accent colors and trimming can turn an ordinary bathroom into something that really stands out. Very few companies put in the same amount of work and dedication to get a great looking bathroom like us, but we understand that this is still an essential part of any property to get right.

For people in need of multiple bathrooms painted at once, there are two options. Some will want every bathroom to follow the same formula from a paint perspective. Others will want each one to have its own unique look. We can switch up looks and plans so the customer is always satisfied.

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"Painter Pros did an amazing job with my home, shortly after closing. I knew that I wanted the downstairs completely redone, and they mapped out a plan for each room. Not only is everything much more modernized, but the rooms feel connected to each other."
- Terry M.
"Great experience with Painter Pros the entire team. They provided quality updates every single day, helped me decide between a few different colors, and charge me much less than I thought it was going to be. I can’t recommend enough to anyone looking to upgrade their home in a special way."
- Mike P.
"Business owners like myself like hiring people who get the job done quickly. Painter Pros was in and out when I hired them, leaving some quality work. The work has already received plenty of great compliments, and I continue to tell people who I hired to complete everything."
- John C.


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