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Bathroom Painter

Let us at Painter Pros Boulder, CO take care of every bathroom on a property. Whether a person owns a home or a business, a quality looking bathroom can stand out. It doesn’t have to be flashy necessarily, but well-done work will make a bathroom appear more welcoming, cleaner and even a little more spacious.

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Picking a color scheme

There’s nothing worse than stepping into a bathroom that appears somewhat dull and possibly dirty. With over 20 years of experience, we know what color schemes work, and what color schemes struggle in the bathroom. A lot of it does come down to natural light, so we always examine the set up of the bathroom during the initial consultation.

Once the colors are picked out, the next step is making the most out of accent colors, trimming, and more. The last thing a person wants is a bathroom that is one solid color. It doesn’t have a completed look, and bathrooms can actually feel smaller when painted that way.

We are always willing to listen to any suggestions from customers. If they want a specific look, we will do it we can to replicate it. We also give recommendations ourselves if people are looking for a way to make a bathroom look a certain way. From different styles to a splash of color, ask us and we will put together a few examples.

Going the extra mile

Along with our painting services, we also assess how the bathroom not only handles natural lighting, but ventilation as well. Natural lighting plays a vital role in how a bathroom looks during the day. If a person can utilize natural lighting, it means that they have more flexibility with color schemes.

With ventilation, it’s essential to have the right amount due to the levels of humidity in a bathroom. This is why a lot of bathrooms have fans on the ceiling. We recommend installing a fan if the bathroom currently doesn’t have one shortly after we finish painting. This will extend the life of the paint, and prevent humidity from the bathtub and shower from doing damage.

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It might surprise some homeowners that when it comes time to sell, many buyers thoroughly examine the bathrooms to get a glimpse of what type of shape the rest of the home is in. Since this is a pretty high traffic area, bathrooms that are done right will stand the test of time. It takes regular maintenance to keep everything looking fresh, but a nice layer of paint certainly helps out, and our Painters Boulder CO team can take that project off of your plate.

Why is painting a bathroom so important?

The bathroom might not be the most used room in a home or at a business, but it go through a lot of abuse. Not only that, but it’s one of the most judged rooms when used by visitors. Paint needs to be very durable in bathrooms, and they need to look well put together. It sets the tone for everything else in the room, and quality paint is also very easy to clean off regularly.

Other painting options

Bathrooms certainly aren’t the only rooms we can paint, and it’s usually in the best interest from a value perspective to get more done at once. With that being said, painting a bathroom by itself is a pretty big project. We strive to make sure that everything will last for years to come.

Ready for a professional bathroom painter to help with a transformation? Give us a call so we can discuss plans in detail, and even put together a price estimate.

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