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Exterior Painting

There are certain do-it-yourself projects should never be left up to just anyone. For the best service when it comes to exterior painting, we believe that our team at Painter Pros can do things no one else in the Boulder, CO area can do. Not only do we work on all types of buildings and homes, but we are efficient with our time. We also offer warranties to back up our work for that extra layer of confidence.

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What makes us stand out from the crowd? After decades of experience, we feel like the time and effort we put into everything is starting to pay dividends. Customers like our upfront approach, and the results speak for themselves.

What to expect in the beginning

When a person reaches out to us with a new project, our first focus is making sure that we put a proper plan in place. There's nothing worse than a professional team of painters to go out there and not have any actual strategy. It's going to end up being a longer process, and fixes are much more likely sooner rather than later.

This is why an initial consultation and estimate is so essential. While we can give general ideas over the phone, it takes things to a whole new level when seeing it all in person.

Once we have agreed to a job, we spend a considerable amount of time making sure that the exterior is ready for paint in the first place. This is a step that can't be glossed over, because not doing things the right way can prevent paint from holding its value. We work hard to scrape off all lingering paint, we shape the siding so that it is even, and we thoroughly wash and dry everything. Our goal is to get the exterior to look mostly like how it was originally. That way, paint can go on cleanly without an issue.

Not all paints are created equally

In a showroom, it's hard for the average person to know much of a difference in paints. Exterior paint has to be much different than other types of paint, mostly because of all the abuse. There is no hiding from the sun, precipitation, wind, and more. Exterior painting Boulder CO involves preparing for ice and snow in the winter, and temperatures in the triple-digits at times in the summer.

Through trial and error, we believe that we have the best solution for paints in the area. No one should ever feel like they are paying for new paint, only for it to fade within a year severely. Our paint jobs consistently last longer than anyone else in the area, and it's a formula that takes experience to get right.

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Constant dialogue

What we found is that most customers like to stay informed and get professional advice from us at times. In some cases, we will have customers ask us for opinions on what color would look best for a new painting job. This is another quality we have that would only be possible thanks to years of experience. We've seen what works best for certain types of exteriors, and we know what colors bring out certain features. It's not an exact science, but when working together, it's decently easy to craft a plan with our expert house painter team.

We are also very adaptable. If a person wants to slightly change the trim color after the primary paint goes on, we can take care of that without an issue. Sometimes, it's hard to 100% visualize everything until it's on. We ultimately want a completely satisfied customer, so some changes the last minute are part of the business.

Hiring exterior painters

Have questions? We have answers. No matter what comes up with painting the exterior, we can go over an exact plan before starting the process. We offer very affordable rates, fast turnaround, and warranties on both the labor and the materials. Changing the look of a home or building is a huge move, and it should only happen with proper care.

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