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House Painter

Working directly with a house painter can yield some positive results for homeowners. Not only do consumers get exactly what they want, but they have a chance to make something unique. Quality paint on the exterior and interior of a home is needed every so often, and if done the right way, it can last a long time.

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The Painter Pros difference comes down to what we believe is a combination of excellent prep work, flawless execution, and the right finishing touches to make every project truly special. We know that when a customer hires us for a job, it is one of the most critical home improvement tasks out there. If we don't hold up our end of the bargain, people are going to be pleased.

Prep work

Whether it's a complete exterior and interior painting job, or just a focus on one particular part of the home, proper prep work is necessary to see results. That means everything from sanding down all the leftover paint and imperfections on the siding, to understanding the weather in the Boulder area. It might seem like all paint is relatively the same, but specifically on the exterior, the right composition is necessary for it to look great and hold up during all four seasons.

Another important step of preparation comes down to figuring out the right colors for each part of the home. Some customers know exactly what they want, while others are looking for genuine suggestions. We always suggest not only going off some of the existing landscaping, but also a focus on accentuating the best details of the home. The main color is important, but it's also important to highlight those standouts features.


When a home is painted, it throws a lot of people off of their daily routine. This is especially true when people hire a bathroom painter because it is an essential part of a family's routine. That's why the majority of people are looking for a fast solution, so they do not waste too much time. While there are speedier painting options out there, no one is going to get the attention to detail to go along with it. We know exactly what works, and we are as efficient as possible.

Adaptability of a house painter

One thing we love to sell our services on is the fact that the customer can adapt on the fly if they are not satisfied with how things are looking. Even if a person is 100% ready to go from a research standpoint on a certain color, it can turn out differently in real life.

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This is the life of any high-end house painter out there. There's no reason for us to be frustrated, because people want results above all else.

Years of support

If paint starts flaking, or some other issue becomes noticeable, we offer a multi-year warranty on both material and labor. This means that any new project won't need any additional spending for at least a couple of years.

It's always a bit of an investment when getting professional painting done, but this helps ease the pain a bit. Instead of worrying about the upfront cost, it should always be viewed a bit more as an investment to move forward with the home. Even if the plan is not to sell anytime soon, it's still a significant upgrade in value.

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